Good Style: Kester Black Winter Colour Drop

unspecified-1unspecified-2Australian beauty brand Kester Black recently released a new range of winter nail polish colours, using a brand new water permeable base- the first ever released by a homegrown label.

The new range aims to make manicures ‘healthier’- as the new formula allows nails to grow naturally, without the restriction of a non-breathable base. Even though this might sound a bit technical, it is an important innovation for the company (and they have even released some Q&As on their website to better explain it- complete with scientific graphs!) Importantly, it doesn’t affect the longevity or cover of the colour, so manicures can be enjoyed without compromise.

In addition to this exciting move to become even more of a natural beauty champion- the label has shown its true style with the gorgeous colour collection, which boasts a charcoal grey, moonlight blue, hazy blush and lagoon green. They even have the delightful names of Soot, Lapis, Petal and Typhoon.

Kester Black specialises in Australian made nail polish and luxurious soaps, which are palm oil free. They are committed to beautiful design, quality products and environmental sustainability.

All of their products have a Choose Cruelty Free and Vegan Society accreditation and are free from the toxic nasties found in most conventional nail brands.

The label is planning to convert its full range of nail products to the new water permeable formula by 2017.

Get these delicious designer shades on your digits!

Photo Credit: Anna Pogossova (images are of the colours Typhoon & Soot)