Good People: The Kindlings


Melbourne based best friends Nina & Kat are the creatives behind Kindlings.

Kindlings (which officially launched yesterday!) is an independent, online community magazine aimed at inspiring positive action and of course, kindness.

Nina & Kat are all about doing good in the world. Not only do they want to create an inspiring community, they also want to give back to social enterprises and projects they care about. They are huge supporters of home grown beauty & fashion brands -like Sukin & ALAS- think Amal Clooney is amazing and are the carers of an incredibly adorable rabbit called Cedric (pictured below).

We caught up with this dynamic duo to find out what sparked their exciting new venture.

One of our favourite quotes is…

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have” – Margaret Mead. This is exactly what we we hope to inspire within our followers.

We’re motivated by a desire to give our best to impact positive change during our time on this planet. With Kindlings, our aim is to provide a collective space with tools, information and inspiration to take action towards a kinder world.

Our vision is for Kindlings to become a community and platform that aligns values with actions, inspires and produces good, and motivates positive actions with real impact…

It was borne of a desire to do more with our lives and make a difference; a desire that wasn’t being met with the know-how to do so.

Seeing so many of our peers in the same situation – young people training to become job titles, feeling unfulfilled but not knowing where to start- gave us the drive to bring Kindlings to life. What we found was that there were so many great ideas and projects about but no collective platform that covered what we were looking for. We saw a need for a hub of information and inspiration -and so Kindlings was born.


In our first issue, we have stripped our content down to the bare bones…

We are sharing one article for each of our key areas.

Each month, our headline category, KindlingsVOTE will feature three positive projects or initiatives and we’ll ask the community to cast votes for their favourite project for Kindlings to support. Ultimately we hope to be able to provide these initiatives with support from our profits as well as through giving them exposure.

Make sure you also look out for our stories on the treatment of both vegan & non vegan friends and how to become a Kindlings contributor!

Amy Poehler, Amal Clooney and Emma Watson are just a handful of role models we look to for inspiration…

We have also been really inspired by the teams at social enterprises and not-for-profits driven to create positive change, such as Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, Moxie and Shop Wisely Merchants.

We’re big fans of Sukin and Natio’s beauty ranges. We also love Ethical Collection, funkis, Alas the label and just Be apparel.

We are currently on the hunt for like minded Kindlings…

Those interested can sign up at our website, or connect with us across FacebookTwitter (@kindlingsmag) and Instagram ( . We’re building a community, so we’re actively  looking for people who want to contribute their ideas or write articles.

After our launch, we’re hoping to recruit some regular writers to join our team. If there’s the space for it, we’re considering producing a Kindlings print magazine and also hoping to be able to support ethical companies and projects with financial backing.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to growing our community and bringing future issues to fellow Kindlings.

Make sure you connect with these kind souls!



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