Mindfulness with the Merrymaker Sisters


May is a month to be mindful. That’s the aim behind the Mindful in May initiative which challenges people to experience the benefits of meditation, while raising money for a very important cause. For a small registration fee, you get access to daily, online meditation support (in exchange for committing to daily practice!) and through sponsorship, raise money for clean water projects around the world.

Mindfulness is something I have a pretty strong interest in. I spent many years learning mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques as a way to deal with stress, improve overall health and combat life in general.

Although I don’t practice it as much as I should these days, I still believe it is an important part of wellbeing.

So do the Merrymaker Sisters.

Emma and Carla Papas (or ‘the sisters’) are health and happiness bloggers, natural real food recipe developers and passionate health coaches. Their vibrant blog is also an online community of people wanting to lead happier, healthier lives. Both Emma and Carla are ambassadors of Mindful in May and here, they talk about why they are putting their minds to this magnificent message.


Introducing mindfulness into our lives has made a huge, amazing and positive impact.

It has brought more positivity, joy and fun and has also really helped in the running of our business. We now choose to live stress free lives and have tools that we use to avoid becoming overwhelmed. We’re so passionate about promoting mindfulness to our online merrymaker community, so becoming Mindful in May ambassadors just felt right to us! We want to help spread their amazing message and initiative.

Mindfulness is just as important as food and movement when it comes to overall health and happiness.

It allows us all to deal with stress better, which is the cause of many illnesses worldwide. We have both dealt with anxiety before and learning mindfulness techniques means this no longer impacts on our lives.

Us humans have a funny way of setting limits on our lives, believing that we can only achieve a certain amount, but this just isn’t true and mindfulness really helped us realise this and allowed us to have faith in our dreams.

Clean drinking water is something we all take for granted.

When we first started practising mindfulness, our reminder was water! Every time we filled our drink bottles or glasses we’d take a moment to be grateful and to come back to the ‘now.’ So the more awareness this campaign brings, the more fresh water goes to those in need, which is just amazing.

With so many great ambassadors on board and a massive collective social media audience, we have no doubt we’ll be able to bring awareness of this initiative to the masses.


The top 3 small changes people can make right now, to live happier, healthier lives are…

To enjoy the journey and live in the now.

The moment we understood this and started to live it, we truly became healthier and happier. A huge weight lifted off our shoulders when we realised that there’s no point in reliving the past and that the future never really comes. Yes – we set huge exciting goals but we ensure we enjoy every step and that we stop and celebrate (with our favourite healthy cake).

Follow your bliss.

It was just three small words that changed our entire lives. To ‘Follow Your Bliss’ is the key to truly unlocking the joy filled life ahead. For us, understanding this was like a kick up the bum, an extra push, a huge sign saying ‘Hey Merrymakers! Your truth is this way, do more of what you love, follow your bliss!’.

We have many tips on how to find and follow your bliss but our number one tip is to simply stop and start looking for it. Add new hobbies to your life. They may not be your bliss but they may lead you to it!


Understand that being mindful isn’t rocket science. There’s no right way or wrong way.
If you’re new to it, we’d say to focus on your breath for five minutes every day. This will easily bring you into the present moment. From there, you can look into other tools and meditations to strengthen your mindfulness. Remember, this is your journey and it will differ from everyone around you. Do what works for you and what makes you feel good!

We have set some crazy goals for the next year!

Our mission is to spread the Merrymaker message of health and happiness to as many people as possible worldwide. Prepare to see some massive exciting changes come 2016!

As for this year, we’re about to launch our very first hard copy recipe book called ‘Make It Merry’ and we’re also working on a mobile application which is due out by the end of the year. Plus, we have an exciting online program too. So it’s full steam ahead for us!

Follow the Merrymaker Sisters through their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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