Love with Sally Love


It’s Valentine’s Day and even though I am not usually one for ‘hallmark holidays’, there is a bit of a love buzz in the air. I recently celebrated my second wedding anniversary, attended the nuptials of good friends from university and have just heard of the engagement of another cute couple.

When I was shopping for my engagement ring some years ago (yes we shopped for it together-very non traditional I know!) I was confronted by how little choice there was in mainstream jewellery stores. I never quite found anything that was uniquely my style. In fact, I think I stumped quite a few shop assistants by refusing to try on the Princess Cut and asking if it was OK to wear black diamonds on a wedding band. But these days I think people are after something more individual and unique. Getting caught up in the ‘wedding haze’ you can lose a sense of your personality in the style, which is why custom design has become such a popular and exciting choice.

Many years ago, I went to school with a girl called Sally who is a creative spirit and design genius. These days, she runs a great little bespoke jewellery design company called Sally Love Jewels, which is based here in Sydney and among a multitude of other things, offers custom engagement and wedding ring design.

On this international day of Valentine, I thought it was timely to share my interview with the lovely Sally Love.

Tell us a bit about how Sally Love Jewels came to be.

I started the business in London under my maiden name – Johnston- but as soon as I married Mr. Love I changed the name as Love has such a perfect ‘ring’ to it (pun intended). The first piece of jewellery I ever made was the ‘You are my Sunshine’ ring which was for my mum, as it’s her favourite song and I was missing her while I was living in London. It struck a chord with so many people which inspired me to keep designing and moving forward with my unique take on jewellery. I believe that jewellery is a talisman. It can be magical, give you comfort, strength and a lot of happiness. Jewellery has been around for thousands of years and I love that ancient treasured feeling. I think the older jewellery is the better!


Custom engagement and wedding bands are so popular these days! Can you tell us a bit about the process of how custom design works & why you think people should consider it?

My work comes to me through word of mouth which I love because it shows that the quality of the workmanship and personal service are what’s important to my clients. I work with clients near and far from all over the world thanks to email and skype!

How it generally works is that they approach me with an idea, whether it be an engagement or wedding band, an anniversary or birthday present. The scenario is always slightly different whether it’s a guy wanting to surprise his lover or a loved up couple designing the perfect engagement ring or someone wanting to treat themselves to something beautiful and unique.

Once we’ve agreed on the final design, (which can take between an hour and a month!) I take the design to my jeweller where we discuss the finer points of the design and I source the perfect stones.

What do you find most rewarding about working with people one on one, to create something unique?

The biggest reward is seeing their faces and hearing their comments when they open the little black box and touch the jewellery for the first time. I LIVE for those moments.


Can you tell us a bit about your other pieces (bracelets, earrings etc) and where you get your design inspiration?

Before I started doing bespoke I dreamt of doing a new range of jewellery every season, being more like a fashion label. I did the “Under the Sea” range which was inspired by my love and connection to the oceans surrounding Australia, I love and I’m so proud of that range of jewellery. I also love making simple little pieces of jewellery too but where my heart lies is with the custom jewellery. I love working with beautiful stones and incredibly talented jewellers. I love jewellery that isn’t disposable. There is the sustainable element to it, knowing that the jewellery isn’t ‘throwaway’. It’s thought out and probably going to be passed down through familes for generations to come. I’m inspired by that, by people. I love humanity in all it’s beautiful complexities.

What is your personal style & what are the 3 jewellery items you couldn’t live without?

I am and always have been all about being completely true to myself. I only ever buy what I love whether it’s fashion, furniture or jewellery so it’s hard to put my style into a box. Relaxed, happy, unique would probably fit my style and my personality to a T! Since I only buy things that I love it’s hard to say only 3 jewellery items that I can’t live without but if I had to I’d say my engagement and wedding bands and my grandmothers wedding ring which I wear between my two other rings.

Visit Sally’s website at


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