A year of second hand with Holly Chase



New Zealand made history this year by hosting its first Eco Fashion Week (are you listening Australia?) and it is also home to my favourite sustainable label, Kowtow.

But now, a relative unknown Kiwi teenager, Holly Chase, is making waves in the world of sustainable style. She has decided to wear only second hand clothing for a whole year or 365 days to be exact!

She was inspired by the ‘365 Challenge’ which was undertaken by Christina Deans, founder of Redress, a sustainable fashion NGO in Hong Kong and even though she isn’t that far into the challenge, she has already gained plenty of attention.

She has appeared on the front of the New Zealand Herald (the biggest NZ paper) and is in talks to appear on a TV show.

When I asked Holly what she hopes other people will get out of it, she said she wanted to draw attention to the huge amount of damage that the textiles industry does to the environment.

“I no longer believe in buying new clothes from high street stores because of the negative impacts on our planet, through water pollution, air pollution, the shipping process and the waste it creates,” she said.

“As well as that, there are a huge amount of clothes that are so poorly made, they are thrown in the bin after a couple of months and end up contributing to landfill problems. I want to encourage people to shop second hand because there are so many quality garments out there and when you buy second hand, it doesn’t cause any of those issues. I also want to prove that second hand clothes can be fashionable too, in order to encourage more people to shop this way.”

The biggest obstacle she has faced so far, is that with her wardrobe nearly halved, she has to be creative with every item so as not to get stuck in a style rut.

She doesn’t seem to be having any issues with that at the moment and you can keep an eye on her super sweet outfits on instagram at @ayearofsecondhand

Photos: Ruth Corin



  1. These pieces are great, and I’m also confident the rest of the globe will follow with eco fashion becoming a mainstay! 🙂
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

  2. OM Goodness Holly Chase .. I am so proud of you … Well done … I hope I get to meet you one day because we so need to see more young ones like you doing this sort of thing … xx Denise .. Director of NZ Eco Fashion Exposed … PS Connect with me on FB

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