Combining contrasts with Daniella Caputi

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As many of you know, I have been keeping a very keen eye on some of Western Australia’s established and emerging designers, in the lead up to this weekend’s Fremantle Fashion Collective runway show.

A few days ago, I caught up with Sarah Watanabe of local label Monster Alphabets and today, I am sharing the news and views of the lovely Daniella Caputi from the label of the same name!

Can you tell us a bit about DANIELLA CAPUTI and how it started?

‘DANIELLA CAPUTI’ is an Australian made womenswear designer label, that focuses on creating innovative and exclusive conceptually based garments. The label started at the end of 2009, after I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fashion and Textiles) and the label has continued to be known for its signature pieces of laser cut and Balsa wood. Using high quality fabrics, each piece layers and builds upon another, combining contrasts in design.

What is the significance of the Fremantle Fashion Collective and what is it all about?

Being part of the Fremantle Fashion Collective is an amazing way to group together local talent of artists and designers and to showcase our work in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, in a place that we have so much connection to.


What do you think makes Fremantle unique and such a creative hub?

Fremantle has so much culture involved in its history and through this, I think it’s really a place of expression and somewhere to really feel free to be yourself, which has influenced people to just do what they love and be creative, whether it’s in the arts, music or food industry. This is what makes Fremantle unique.

From your perspective, why is it so important to support homegrown and local fashion?

I think its important because from the local and homegrown scene, designers are creating exclusive, unique and often hand made pieces of timely quality, in comparison to the fast paced, mass produced product which generally receives a lot more support from consumers because it is more readily available. Local designers need the support to keep up their creativity to do what they love and to keep up with larger labels.

What can we expect from you in the runway show?

The label will showcase a dark, moody runway show – faded black to white, silks versus heavy fabrics, gloves and laser cut. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Images: Daniella Caputi



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